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Treatment for vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent UTIs, and urgency.


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Estradiol vaginal cream Rx

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Proven to tackle:

Vaginal dryness
Frequent UTIs
Painful sex

Clinically proven. Results in 2-4 weeks.

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Vaginal estradiol cream Rx
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Online consult
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  • What is estradiol vaginal cream?

    Estradiol vaginal cream is a low-dose estrogen cream that is FDA-approved to treat changes in and around the vagina (such as vaginal dryness, itching, and burning) caused by declining estrogen levels from perimenopause and menopause. These changes have been termed vaginal atrophy (VA), but are now known as the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM).

  • How long does it take for estradiol vaginal cream to work?

    It is not an overnight quick fix, but with a little time you can experience remarkable benefits.

    Consistent use of estradiol vaginal cream can restore moisture and flexibility to the vaginal tissues, balance vaginal pH, reduce pain with sex, prevent UTIs, and prevent incontinence.

    • Within 2-4 weeks: Vaginal moisture is noticeably restored and vaginal tissues are noticeably healthier
    • Within 3-4 months: Maximum vaginal moisture is restored
    • Within 24 months: Vaginal pH returns to healthy levels

    We like to think of vaginal estradiol as preventative care - like sunscreen!

  • How do I use estradiol vaginal cream?

    Estradiol vaginal cream is typically applied every day for 2 weeks and then every 2-3 days after that. It comes with an applicator to help you easily push the medication into the vagina. Some women prefer to apply with a fingertip instead.

    One common question is if estradiol cream can be transferred to a partner. While is no danger to your partner, just don't use it as a lubricant. We recommend to apply it before you go to sleep to allow the medication to absorb.

    Your board-certified doctor will give you specific instructions and is available for any questions. It's all included in your care with us.

  • Does estradiol vaginal cream have any side effects?

    Estradiol vaginal cream is a low-dose estrogen cream that is not absorbed significantly throughout the body. So it can be a great option for people who do not want or cannot take oral estrogen. You can use this cream even if you have a history breast cancer, but we just ask that you get approval from your oncologist.

    Yeast infections can happen as your vaginal microbiome adjusts to the healthy benefits of estrogen cream. It's rare, but if you do get a yeast infection while using this cream, you can just message your doctor and they can prescribe an oral antifungal pill to clear the yeast quickly.

  • Do I need a prescription?

    At Interlude, we create the prescription for you. Your online consult is fast and easy and includes 1 year of refills. We do not accept transferred prescriptions at this time.

    It's easy to get started:
    1. Complete your online health profile
    2. Within hours, a board-certified physician licensed in your state will review it and create a prescription and treatment plan for you.
    3. We'll ship your prescription same-day.

    At the end of one year, we'll renew your prescription. Unlimited messaging and free shipping are included in your care with us.

  • Do you take insurance?

    We do not accept insurance at this time. However, with rising out of pocket costs, high deductible plans, and high co-pays in the traditional health care system - Interlude is more affordable and accessible for most women - with or without insurance.

  • What's the best way to pay with HSA or FSA?

    First, check the balance on your FSA or HSA account and that your plan covers prescription treatment through Interlude. You can place an order online, using your FSA or HSA card (as you would any other credit card), or by calling our Customer Care Team for assistance at (909) 378-6899, Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM Pacific Standard Time.

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