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Treatment for vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent UTIs, and urgency.

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It is the best product for vaginal atrophy I have ever used. It increased my quality of life, so thank you to Interlude for making this a trustworthy and easy purchase.
customer Cary
5 stars
Verified Review
I have used the cream for 3 weeks and I feel a significant difference with less vaginal dryness... [Interlude] made relief easy, expedient, and affordable.
customer Regina
5 stars
Verified Review
This is a wonderful product. Gives me the freedom to feel confident that I can make it ALL the way to the restroom. Very thankful to this company and their professionalism and uncomplicated approach.
customer Lu
five stars
Verified Review
Have been using it in the past but it was very expensive. Interlude is great because it comes right to my door, is much less expensive, and it works like a charm!
customer christine
five stars
Verified Review

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