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Treatment for vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent UTIs, and urgency.


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See your vaginal health transform with doctor-prescribed treatments and unlimited support to save you time and give you more effective results.
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Complete your health profile

After you complete checkout, you'll answer questions about your symptoms and health history.
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Reviewed within hours

Within hours, a board-certified physician will review your info and prescribe if appropriate. You can message them at any time from your Interlude account.
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Free delivery or same-day pickup

Vaginal estrogen products ship straight to you door. Acute medications are available same-day for local pickup.
Ongoing care

Free to cancel or get support

If you have any medical questions, it's free to message your doctor. And, we'll text you before every refill in case you need to cancel or postpone. No surprises here.


Everything you need in one place.
Vaginal estradiol cream Rx
Free shipping
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Vaginal estradiol suppositories Rx
Free shipping
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Fluconazole for vaginal yeast infection
BV antibiotics Rx
Free shipping or same-day pickup
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Fluconazole for vaginal yeast infection
UTI antibiotics Rx
Same-day pickup
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Fluconazole for vaginal yeast infection
Fluconazole Rx
Free shipping or same-day pickup
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Read more FAQs here.
  • 01How much is the online consult?

    Your online consult is a one time fee. It includes a prescription, refills for up to 1 year, and messaging with your doctor. When your prescription expires, you can renew it for another year for .

  • 02How much is the medication?

    We are currently offering off your first shipment. Vaginal estradiol cream is per tube. Vaginal estradiol suppositories are per box.

  • 03Do I need a prescription?

    Yes, vaginal estradiol is only available by prescription. Your prescription by a board-certified physician is included with your online consult at Interlude.

  • 04Can I transfer an existing prescription?

    We cannot accept transferred prescriptions at this time. If you have an existing prescription, you can get a new one through us to enjoy affordable pricing and convenient delivery.

  • 05Is a phone or video consultation required?

    Most assessments do not require a phone or video conversation, but dependent on your physician and location, some might. Once a board-certified physician (licensed in your state) has reviewed the info in your health profile they will respond to you via secure instant messages that you can access within your Interlude account.

  • 06How do I communicate with my Interlude provider?

    You'll receive an email when you have a new message and can respond to these from within your Interlude account. And, you can ask any questions you may have.