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What we offer

Treatment for vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent UTIs, and urgency.


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At Interlude, our pricing is as easy and comfortable as the care we offer.

Transparent pricing

Online visit
one-time fee
Reviewed by a board-certified doctor
Includes prescription for up to 7 refills or one year
Treatment cost
Depends on treatment
Customize your refill frequency
Free shipping to your door
Doctors available anytime for questions

Prescription treatments

Get the same medication for up to 80% less than your local pharmacy. We are currently offering $20 off your first shipment.
shop vaginal estradiol cream
Vaginal estradiol cream Rx
Ships every 2 months*
per tube
shop vaginal estradiol suppositories
Vaginal estradiol suppositories Rx
Ships every 2 months*
per box
*Or at your selected frequency. Cancel or postpone anytime.

Care on your terms

Calculate your average monthly cost for treatment. Most women get refills shipped every 2-4 months. We always text you before your refill ships in case you need to cancel or postpone.
Your monthly cost:


Read more FAQs here.
  • 01How do I renew my prescription?

    If you already have a prescription with us and you need to renew it, we've got you covered. Just log into your account and take 3 minutes to update your health profile. For a fee, a board-certified doctor will review your prescription and renew it for one year, if appropriate. We'll then keep shipping refills to you!

  • 02Can I transfer an existing prescription?

    No. We do not accept transferred prescriptions. However, our online consult is less than the cost of most co-pays.

  • 03What if I don't qualify for treatment?

    If it turns out you don't qualify for treatment, we will refund your payment.