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Revaree or Estradiol for Vaginal Dryness: Which is Better?

Vaginal dryness happens around the time of menopause and it is so common it’s almost inevitable. Vaginal dryness is a key symptom of what’s medically known as the genitourinary syndrome of menopause, but it can start in perimenopause and get worse with time. If left untreated, a little dryness or irritation can become chronic and progressive and develop into bleeding or tearing of the vaginal skin, pain with sex, frequent UTIs, or urgency to pee.

Over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers like Revaree can help minimize symptoms of vaginal dryness. But sometimes the skin can become so thin and so dry that prescription treatment with estradiol is the only option. 

Estradiol vaginal cream is a hormone-based topical cream that’s an excellent option for most women - even for women who do not want or cannot take hormone-based treatment like oral estrogen. And if you’re experiencing vaginal odor, frequent UTIs, urgency to pee, and increased urinary frequency, then estradiol vaginal cream can help with that as well.

If you’re trying to figure out which is the best bet between Revaree and estradiol, then there’s good news. Evidence shows that both options are safe and effective for most women. But there are key differences that you’ll want to understand before committing to either.

Menopause, seriously? I’m not in menopause.

In the years leading up to menopause, our bodies begin to produce less estrogen. This changes the vagina, urethra, and bladder on a cellular level. The vaginal walls become thin and dry. Sex can become super painful or completely impossible. Plus, you can get more urinary tract infections or find yourself rushing to the bathroom to pee. Whether you're in perimenopause or well past menopause, vaginal dryness is connected to low estrogen. But the good news is you have options and you don’t have to suffer.

Estradiol vs Revaree

Revaree is a high-quality vaginal moisturizer, and its hormone-free formula contains hyaluronic acid which can help rehydrate the vaginal tissues. It works to minimize dryness.

Estradiol vaginal cream is an FDA-approved medication that contains estradiol, which is a bio-identical form of estrogen. It’s prescribed in very low doses to treat vaginal dryness. The idea behind estradiol vaginal cream is that it works to address the root cause of vaginal dryness by adding a very small amount of estrogen back to the vaginal cells.

Revaree Estradiol vaginal cream
Hormone-free Low-dose estrogen cream
Minimizes symptoms of vaginal dryness Addresses the root cause of vaginal dryness
Applied every 2-3 days Applied 1-3 times a week
Start feeling relief right away Peak benefits at 12 weeks
Can be used indefinitely Can be used indefinitely
You can use both if needed but on different days

Is hormone-free better?

When it comes to what is best for vaginal dryness, hormone-free vaginal moisturizers are not necessarily better. What's best for you will depend on your symptoms.

Hormone-free vaginal moisturizers like Revaree are a great option for most women. You can and should use a good moisturizer. But for most women, vaginal moisturizers will not adequately solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

One of the benefits of estradiol vaginal cream is that it treats the root cause of vaginal dryness.  This means you may not need vaginal moisturizers or lubricants. It can also prevent other symptoms that happen with along with vaginal dryness - like vaginal odor, frequent UTIs, and getting up several times a night to pee.

Revaree Estradiol vaginal cream
Helps with mild vaginal dryness Helps with moderate to severe vaginal dryness
No benefit to vaginal pH Restores vaginal pH
No benefit of UTI prevention Prevents UTIs
No benefit to urinary symptoms Reduces urinary urgency and freqency

Is estradiol vaginal cream safe?

Estradiol vaginal cream is prescribed in very low doses and is applied only to the affected areas of the vagina - so it’s not absorbed significantly throughout the body. It’s a great option for women who do not want or cannot take oral estrogen. You can even take estradiol vaginal cream if you have a history of breast cancer - we just ask that you get approval from your oncologist.

Revaree Estradiol vaginal cream
No safety data on blood clots or cancer, but probably very safe Not shown to increase risk of blood clots or cancer
FDA-cleared FDA-approved through a rigorous testing and safety process

So, how does estradiol vaginal cream work?

Estradiol vaginal cream is an easy-to-use topical cream that you insert into the vagina with a plastic tampon-like applicator. It can also be applied with a fingertip. 

The cream is formulated to adhere to the vaginal walls and deliver a very low dose of estrogen to the vaginal tissue. This will help to restore the function of the vaginal cells. Within about 2 weeks, you’ll start to notice increased moisture. 

Once you find that estradiol vaginal cream works for you, you can commit to making it a part of your health routine. The genitourinary syndrome of menopause is chronic and progressive. But with continued use of estradiol vaginal cream, you’ll stave off whatever genitourinary symptoms you may have - whether it’s vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent UTIs, or urgency to pee. If incontinence is a concern, you can decrease the need for liners and pads. If you keep getting UTIs, you can avoid antibiotics. You can even enjoy sex again without needing a lubricant! 

You can use estradiol vaginal cream as long as you need to prevent symptoms - there is no specific duration or age limit. If you don’t like the idea of a cream, you can also use an estradiol vaginal suppository that’s just as effective. There’s no danger in exposing your partner to this cream, but it’s recommended to use before bed in order to give the medication time to absorb.

How do I get estradiol vaginal cream?

Estradiol vaginal cream is not available over-the-counter, so you’ll need a prescription. But we make that part super easy with an online telehealth consult that you can complete from home. A board-certified doctor licensed in your state will review your information and create a prescription if appropriate. You can message them with any questions you may have. And we’ll ship your estradiol vaginal cream straight to your door for less than the cost you pay at most pharmacies.

Revaree Estradiol vaginal cream
$60 for a 1 month supply for a 2 month supply
No prescription required Prescription required
Buy now at Order now with prescription included at

Next steps

Many women feel embarrassed to get treatment for vaginal dryness. Oftentimes doctors don’t initiate a conversation. And if you do discuss your concerns, you may feel like your symptoms are dismissed or not heard. Vaginal dryness is such an important and private topic, so our whole goal at Interlude is to make treatment more accessible so that more women can live pain free.

Although Revaree may help relieve vaginal dryness, it may not be the best treatment for your symptoms and preferences. Interlude’s licensed medical providers offer FDA-approved and effective treatments like vaginal estradiol cream. They can also help answer any questions you may have and help figure out what works for you. Shop our solutions, take our quiz, or get a telehealth consult today, and you’ll be one step closer to finding solutions that work for your needs.

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