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Premarin coupon: How to save on vaginal estrogen cream

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Premarin® (conjugated estrogens) vaginal cream is a brand-name vaginal estrogen cream that the FDA initially approved to treat vaginal atrophy in 1946. Since then, it’s also been approved to treat painful sex due to menopause, which is a symptom of vaginal atrophy.

Because insurance companies typically classify drugs to treat sexual health as a Tier 2 or Tier 3 drug, the cost of Premarin vaginal cream can be high even with insurance. You may find that you pay up to half of the retail price out of pocket.

Premarin vaginal cream is a conjugated estrogen that is applied twice weekly (or as directed by your doctor). Premarin vaginal cream is popular because it can be effective at treating vaginal atrophy and can be safer than oral estrogens. Along with other topical estrogen treatments, Premarin vaginal cream is not shown to raise the risk of cancer or heart disease.

Unfortunately, even if you have insurance, the cost of Premarin vaginal cream can amount to thousands of dollars per year.

How much does Premarin cost?

Pfizer, the manufacturer of Premarin, does not list the retail price of Premarin on their website. However, according to GoodRx, the retail price of Premarin at Walmart is listed as $523 per tube.

$523 is the price of one fill of Premarin if you don’t have insurance. However, if you have insurance, you could pay between $523 and $0 per fill of Premarin vaginal cream.

Each fill of Premarin vaginal cream is one tube that contains 30 grams of cream. If you apply 0.5 grams of cream twice a week, the tube will last about three months. So, the yearly cost of Premarin can be more than $2,000.

Is there a Premarin coupon?

To lower Premarin’s cost for patients, Pfizer has created a discount card called the Pay As Little as $35 Savings Card program.

Insurance type Estimated price per fill without Premarin coupon Estimated savings with Premarin coupon
Medicare, or other state or federal insurance $523-$262 No savings available
Cash-paying $523 No savings available
Private insurance with $30 copay $262 Save $30 per fill. Limit 2 fills.
Private insurance with no copay $262 Save $150 per fill. Limit 2 fills.
Estimated savings using the Premarin Pay As Little As $35 Savings Program, based on the fine print in the program terms and conditions.

The discount card is basically a Premarin manufacturer coupon - it’s available to anyone and easy to access. The Premarin discount card is available online - all you need to do is go to Pfizer’s website and download it or choose to receive it by text or email. However, the Premarin coupon has terms and conditions for eligibility.

The primary rule for the Premarin savings card is that you must have private insurance. You may not use the Premarin savings card if you do not have insurance and are paying cash. Fortunately, if you don’t have insurance, you can get other savings, and we’ll explain more about that below.

The eligibility for the Premarin savings card varies by insurance plan. The fine print says that you will not qualify for any savings if you have Medicare or any other state or federally-funded insurance program.

If you have private insurance, your copay could be as little as $35 for up to 2 fills with the Premarin Pay As Little As $35 Savings Card. With the savings card, you can save $150 per fill or the amount of your co-pay - whichever is less. The value of the savings card is limited to $300, and you can use the card for up to two fills per calendar year. Again, remember you do not get to use the Premarin savings card if you have Medicare or if you do not have insurance.

The Premarin savings card offer expires on December 31, 2023, and is only accepted at participating pharmacies. The coupon can help you save money, but make sure you are eligible and that your pharmacy will accept the Premarin coupon. If your pharmacy doesn’t accept the coupon, you’ll have to pay the full price and then mail a reimbursement request to Pfizer.

Are there other Premarin savings?

Yes. Currently, there are savings available to help lower the cost of Premarin. Here’s what we found:

  • This company offers Premarin for as low as $426, but the price could be higher depending on your eligibility. You’ll also need to pay a $9.99 monthly membership fee to access any savings.
  • Pfizer’s Patient Assistance Program: The manufacturer of Premarin offers assistance programs that provide eligible patients with their medications for free. You can apply online.

Are there more cost-effective Premarin alternatives?

There are Premarin alternatives if the cost is too high for your budget. As we reviewed earlier, Premarin is a conjugated estrogen cream that’s prescribed in low doses and applied directly to the vagina. When estrogen levels decline in menopause, Premarin can add estrogen back to the vaginal tissues, which helps prevent common concerns like vaginal atrophy and painful sex.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Premarin, a few other low-dose vaginal estrogen treatments are available, including Estrace, Vagifem, Imvexxy, and Estring. Each medication contains the same active ingredient, estradiol, which is a bioidentical estrogen hormone that’s FDA-approved to treat vaginal atrophy.

Estrace is a vaginal estrogen cream that’s applied directly to the vaginal tissues. Vagifem and Imvexxy are vaginal estrogen suppositories that are inserted into the vagina. Estring is a vaginal ring that’s replaced once a month.

At Interlude, we offer several formulations of vaginal estrogen cream, including the generic of Estrace and generic of Vagifem, both of which are cheaper than Premarin. No generic versions of Imvexxy or Estring are available anywhere on the market.

Additionally, systemic hormone therapy can treat vaginal atrophy from menopause, but it’s prescribed in higher doses as an estrogen patch or pill.

Remember, you should always work with a trusted healthcare provider who can prescribe medications that suit your preferences, concerns, and health history.

Premarin coupon FAQs

You likely still have a few questions about the Premarin coupon. Here are a few of the most common questions with answers.

Can I use the Premarin savings card without insurance?

No. Unfortunately, you need private insurance to use the Premarin savings card.

Can I use my Medicare plan with the Premarin savings card?

No. Pfizer explicitly states that you’re not eligible for the Premarin coupon if you’re “enrolled in a state or federally funded insurance program, including but not limited to Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE, Veterans Affairs health care, a state prescription drug assistance program, or the Government Health Insurance Plan available in Puerto Rico (formerly known as “La Reforma de Salud”).”

Can I get Premarin for free with the savings card?

You can’t get Premarin for free with the savings card. The lowest you’ll pay out-of-pocket is $35 with the Premarin Pay As Little As $35 Savings Card.

Is there a generic for Premarin?

Currently, there isn’t a generic for Premarin. You’ll have to get conjugated estrogen vaginal cream through Pfizer for the foreseeable future. However, there are generics of estradiol available. Take our quiz to learn more.

If you’re in menopause (or close to it) and experiencing vaginal or urinary symptoms, take our quiz or browse our treatments to learn more about how Interlude can help you.