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What we offer

Treatment for vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent UTIs, and urgency.

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Support your patients with easy and convenient vaginal care.

Interlude can help you provide timely and effective treatment for the genitourinary syndrome of menopause.

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Who we are

Interlude is a 100% online telemedicine service designed to complement in-person care with convenient prescription and delivery of vaginal estradiol cream.

How it works

Refer patients to our trusted and caring team.

Easy online visit

While your patients are in the office for a visit, take a moment to let them know about the option to get an easy online consult and vaginal estradiol prescription from Interlude's website. Or share your unique referral link through your practice's website or emails.

Prescriptions by mail

Interlude offers the privacy and convenience of 3-5 day delivery of vaginal estradiol, including automatic refills. Give patients your unique discount code to use during checkout so they can receive a discount.

24/7 support

We understand that your patients rely on you for their regular visits and in-person evaluations. Our MDs and GYNs are available to answer questions your patients may have about the vaginal estradiol treatment.

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It's free, easy, and quick to join and start referring patients. For more information about our referral program, apply today.

Our review policy

Our reviews policy is to maintain transparency by not offering incentives for positive reviews and to respect the privacy of our reviewers by only linking to reviews that have been shared publicly.


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  • Who is the provider referral program for?

    If you are an OBGYN, PCP, or pelvic floor therapist, Interlude can support you by offering your patients prescription care for the genitourinary syndrome of menopause. We offer vaginal estradiol, prescribed online, and delivered with discreet and fast shipping.

  • Does Interlude replace a PCP or GYN?

    No. Interlude is a supplement to once-yearly PCP or GYN appointments. We offer an easy and comfortable way to get vaginal estradiol, prescribed online, and delivered with discreet and fast shipping.

  • Does Interlude accept insurance?

    No, we do not accept insurance. But we do accept payment by HSA or FSA. Our mission is to help all women feel healthier and happier - with or without insurance.

  • What medications does Interlude offer for GSM?

    We offer vaginal estradiol. The North American Menopause Society states in 2020: "For bothersome genitourinary syndrome of menopause symptoms not relieved with over-the-counter therapies in women without indications for use of systemic hormone therapy, low-dose vaginal estrogen therapy or other therapies (eg, vaginal dehydroepiandrosterone) are recommended."

  • Does Interlude offer systemic HRT?

    No. We do not offer systemic HRT.

  • How do you manage my referrals?

    When someone signs up using your unique coupon code or referral link, we'll track it in your performance dashboard. In the interest of privacy, any personal information about the referral is never shared with you. We partner with Stripe to provide secure and automatic payouts. More information about payouts is available once you sign up.